Teaching Philosophy

Along with my research objective to identify solutions for social inequality, my teaching also aims to portray Sociology as a means for problem-solving and empowerment. Through teaching, I strive to combat presumptions that prevent learning and push students to become self-motivated problem solvers. Below, I discuss my teaching philosophy and teaching methods to achieve my pedagogical goals.

Pedagogical Goal 1: Removing barriers of learning sociology by highlighting real-life problem-solving

Through my experiences leading discussion sections for undergraduate introductory sociology courses, I found two types of sentiments preventing students from effectively developing sociological thinking. One is the idea that sociology is political indoctrination and not scientific. Meanwhile, some students express frustration after sociology reveals the perseverant structural constraints in their lives, feeling defeated. To overcome both barriers, I incorporated discussions of social issues with wide impact to help students concentrate on real-life problem-solving and encourage students to gain hope through this process.

Pedagogical Goal 2: Motivating learning by offering concrete objectives and tools

Besides sociological concepts and theories, I consider the methods of learning another important teaching topic to help students become self-motivated learners and producers. Knowing why learning, what to learn, and how to learn helps a person learn more efficiently and have less anxiety when learning new things.

Teaching Experiences

  • Primary Instructor:
    • Social Inequality, Summer 2022
  • Discussion Leading:
    • Gender and Society, Spring 2017
    • Introduction to Sociology, Fall 2017 and Summer 2019
  • Teaching Assisting:
    • Research Methods, Spring 2019 and Fall 2022
    • Sociology of White-Collar Crime, Fall 2016
    • The Sociology of Networks, Fall 2018
    • Global Criminology, Spring 2018
  • Tutoring:
    • Introduction to Sociological Analysis (graduate-level), Fall 2022 - Spring 2023