Film Review: Cults and Extreme Belief


Humans fulfill their needs for love and belongingness by living in groups. However, not all groups are created to help every member thrive. By diving into seven different cults and interviewing former members, Cults and Extreme Belief reveals how cults cultivate conformity, implement exploitation, and perpetuate dangerous beliefs. The series provides great discussion materials for undergraduate sociology and criminology courses, including Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Organization, Social Psychology, Social Problems, Introduction to Sociology, Criminology, Organizational Crimes, and any courses investigating stratification along the lines of gender, race and ethnicity, age, and health.

Teaching Sociology (Vol 51, issue 1)
Yujia Lyu
Yujia Lyu
PhD candidate in Sociology

My research interests include status and power processes in small groups, stereotypes and bias, social hierarchies, workplace and labor, social class and race stratification.