Sentiments and Status: The Dyad? The Triad? Or Both?


The purpose of this paper is to provide a comprehensive analysis of how sentiments may be a part of, or adjacent to, status generalization. We demonstrate why this problem is so difficult to solve definitively, as many resolutions may exist. Sentiments may present the properties of graded status characteristics but may also be disrupted by processes of the self. Sentiments may have status properties enacted within dyadic interactions. However, sentiments may also be status elements during triadic constellations of actors. Finally, we discuss current research that is underway to provide more empirical evidence to offer confirmation or disconfirmation for some of our proposed models.

Advances in Group Processes (forthcoming)
Yujia Lyu
Yujia Lyu
PhD candidate in Sociology

My research interests include status and power processes in small groups, stereotypes and bias, social hierarchies, workplace and labor, social class and race stratification.